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TODO SET Stationery set in wooden box
Dimensions Dimensions: 20.5X4.2X2.3CM Volume: 0.331 cdm3 Gross Weight: 0.096 kg Net Weight: 0.085 kg
Packaging Carton Height: 0.3 m Carton Width: 0.24 m Carton Length: 0.46 m Carton Volume: 0.033 m3 Carton Gross Weight: 9.55 kg Carton Quantity: 100 pieces
General Brand: midocean Commodity Code: 9609 1090 Country of Origin: CN EAN: 8719941046498 PMS Colour: WOOD



12 pieces stationery set with 2 pencils, 6 colouring pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser and ruler incorporated in the lid of the wooden box.

3.08 EUR
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